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thank you!

It really works! I tested using -hostkey=*


Re: Example for use WinSCP with VB .NET 2005 end FreeSSHD server

Thanks for sharing your solution.

Should you please describe what techniques your example show that were not already included in existing WinSCP documentation? What is wrong about existing VB example?

I could identify "new" code that extracts host key fingerprint and pass it to open command.
First, I want to make clear to other users that using this technique breaks any security and should be avoided whenever possible. Moreover it is deprecated as since WinSCP 5.2, you can use -hostkey=*, if you do not care about security.

Other than that I could not identify much difference to existing examples.

Also note that I do not recommend using freeSSHd, as this software has not been updated for 5 years already.

Example for use WinSCP with VB .NET 2005 end FreeSSHD server

Hello Developers!!!
I did finally succeed with winscp + and freeSSHd server.

have more files that did not fit in this post

The complete design + Pictures + Tips are on the download link.

<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

Please Install all: VB .net 2005 & WinSCP freeSSHd (SFTP server).

I forgot to tell you where I found most of the code:

Good luck!!!