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Pascal Boulerie

Host is not communicating ... (solved)

(Thanks to prikryl for his advice about connecting from another machine.)

I just had wondered if if could be due to some firewall rule between the server and the WinSCP client ?

PS Actually, in my case, I got the message because I had typed a wrong port number in the WinSCP session panel... Now I can log in.

Anonymous wrote:

No, that doesn't seem to work either...

Ok, can you connect from other machine?

No, that doesn't seem to work either...

Re: "Host is not communicating"

Can you connect using any other SSH client?

"Host is not communicating"

Hey, I used to log on this box before I upgraded to Windows 7 now after upgrading and installing the latest WinSCP version I get this error while trying.

I disabled the "Optimizing connection buffer size" and I still can't login.

Need help please.