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One2Connect wrote:

I already tried this page, but unable to get any success.

What specific problem do you have?

I already tried this page, but unable to get any success.

Change user in WinSCP

I am using WinSCP for years and enjoy the windows look, edit the file from within WinSCP.
Recently we have moved to CAUTH authentication. Sys Admins have change the privileges which means I have to log in myself, I can view the files but to edit I need to launch putty and sudo <OtherUser>. OtherUser is the owner of the files.

Steps I do if I need to edit files.
>I log in as myusername/mypassword in WinSCP. I can view files but not edit them.
>To edits from within WinSCP I "Open session putty" as myusername.
>My Putty command line I have to issue the following command "sudo -u <OtherUser> -i". Enter "mypassword" and I am free to edit any files.

How I can login directly or change user to "OtherUser" within WinSCP?

I really want to avoid "vi" editor to edit files.