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OK, thanks for your explanation. Let's see if more people ask for this.

I meant that in WinSCP the remote file '\somepath\sample.txt' was openend using "Edit", which downloads sample.txt to C:\Users\..\AppData\Local\Temp\scpXXX\..\sample.txt and opens it in an editor and reuploads the file when it changes.

The "Working Folder" would be linked to the actions that WinSCP does on the remote site:
[R] WinSCP-Actions on the remote ftp-server    [W] WinSCP-Actions in the working-Folder

[R] STOR '\somepath\hello.txt'              => [W] '{workingdir}\somepath\hello.txt' is created/overidden
[R] DELE '\somepath\xyz.dat'                => [W] '{workingdir}\somepath\xyz.dat' is deleted (if it existed)
[R] MKD '\somepath\newfolder'               => [W] '{workingdir}\somepath\newfolder' is created (if it did not exist yet)
[R] QUIT                                    => [W] (Nothing happens)

If {workingdir} is under SVN control, i could see what files i changed/added/deleted since the last commit (and file diffs).

Another usage: You manage a website, but changes are first done in an exact copy ''.
1) You clear {workingdir}
2) You do some changes on (which was linked to {workingdir})
3) When you are done, all touched/modified/new files are in the {workingdir} and could now directly be copied to - No need to manually track changes and redo them manually in

I hope this explanation does not make it even more incomprehensible :D

Re: "Cloned Uploads"

bluppdidupp wrote:

Now you modified "\somepath\sample.txt" on the ftp and winscp reuploads the file.

I'm lost. Why should WinSCP upload a file when a remote file is changed?

"Cloned Uploads"

It would be nice if one could set a "Working Folder" in the settings of the ftp/scp-profile.
If you upload a new/modified file, the file should also be stored in the same location in the "Working Folder"

You are connected to "" and had set the working-folder for "" to "c:\somefolder\\"
Now you modified "\somepath\sample.txt" on the ftp and winscp reuploads the file. At the same time "c:\somefolder\\somepath\sample.txt" should be created/updated.

Why is this useful?
"c:\somefolder\\" could be an svn-folder and one could keep track of the changes made on the ftp :D