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SOLVED: Application Error (Event ID 1000)

Using a Windows background service for running scripted WinSCP commands i've found that it generated a lot of these Windows Event log Application Error's (Event ID 1000).
These messages are generated because the service is not allowed to interact with the desktop. Since i'm using a custom user account (AD) for the background service and not the local Windows system account i cannot set the option to interact with the desktop.

I've found a solution to this by modifying the registry key for the service to allow the service to interact with the desktop, the problem disappeared immediatly. Running scripted events means you cannot leave the script without closing a session or leaving WinSCP running in any form. So script commands like 'close' and 'exit' are still mandatory.

How to modify the key can be found in this article.

I've posted this article because i could not find suitable information on this specific problem and hopefully someone else might have some benefit of this bit of knowledge in the future. :D