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Genius! How it is resolved???

This is now resolved.

Can't SFTP to my Linux box using WinSCP [RESOLVED]


I'm not necessarily new to WinSCP having used the 3.8.2. version for many years. However, I'm having an issue I simply can't resolve at the moment. I'm trying to SFTP a bunch of .txt files from a directory in my C:/ to a Linux box using a standard (and simple) batch process. I've just upgraded to the newest 5.5.2. release and all is well when I connect to the Linux box using the WinSCP console (where all my sessions are listed). Also, if I try to SFTP these same files to my AIX box using the batch process, I am perfectly able to upload without any issues. I seem to just have issues uploading to my Linux server. My batch process consists of three simple files. Here are their contents:


Is my syntax for uploading to a Linux box wrong in any way? As mentioned, I can upload without issues using this same process to my AIX box.

Any help with this will be sincerely appreciated.