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Topic review


Ok, thanks, just wanted to clarify in case it has been misunderstood :)

@zero: I understood your request. The tracker entry refers to the proposal by @Peach.

I lost track of this two year old request and now I saw that the referenced resolved tracker bug had nothing to do with the request itself.

What I tried to say is that it would be a good idea if those two buttons could be placed in a way that there's no way to mix up- and download by fault, like in the image I attached.
Even better would be the possibility to hide and/or move single toolbar buttons to one's liking; this way everyone could set up the preferred view.

Upload / Download Buttons

I think, zero's proposal is a great idea.

Having these two buttons in a separate toolbar would allow to hide the toolbars 'local files' and 'remote files' completely.
For most functions it's IMHO more intuitive to use the context menu on the selected file.

Most important: The 'Upload and Delete' and 'Download and Delete' buttons would be gone too.
These are very dangerous for me (too close and to similar looking to the regular upload/download buttons)

The optimal solution would be, if we could customize the buttons on all of the toolbars, but i guess this would be much more complicated to implement.

Anyway... I'd like to thank you for this great program. I've used CuteFTP for years and tried FileZilla, but WinSCP has the best user interface :-)

Re: Upload and Download buttons placement

Thanks for your feedback. Will consider this.

Upload and Download buttons placement

In one of the last updates the toolbars were slightly modified.

All in all I like it but there's one change I am not quite happy with: the "Upload" and "Download" buttons.
In previous versions we had arrows that pointed to the window the file would be transferred to. This was very intuitive, you hadn't have to think in terms of up and down but I also understand why you changed this.

But it's not only about the buttons themselves but also about their placement: the former arrows could be placed side by side in the middle between the windows but now the upload button is far left.

If these two buttons could be placed on a dedicated toolbar (each) the former way of placement would be possible.
A mix of former icons and current button placed side by side could look like this:

Just an idea.