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Re: Create MSI installer and GPO deployment how-to guide

This tools seems to be able to wrap the Inno Setup installer of WinSCP to MSI:
(I didn't test it)

Create MSI installer and GPO deployment how-to guide

It would be nice if there was a basic MSI installer for WinSCP with instructions under Documentation on how to deploy the default client to multiple computers. That way when needing to update multiple clients as a result of the openssl bug, it would be easy to update all of them at once using Microsoft Group Policy deployment. It would also be nice if some Group Policy ADM templates were written to perhaps push out via policy various registry key's for adding internal servers, etc.

If pre-built MSI package posted on sourceforge is a pain, can someone please create a how-to on compiling the package so that an MSI installer can be created. Older instructions pasted on various forums makes it unclear. Would like to see something more official on the main page.