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Anybody have any ideas about this?

Re: Timeout waiting for WinSCP to respond

Posted by me - think my session expired so it says Guest

Timeout waiting for WinSCP to respond

Hi All,

I am trying to use WinSCP .NET library within a web application (currently hosted on a win server 2008) and I am having some trouble getting the .NET library to work with multiple logins. The web page is accessed using a username and password which triggers the process of transferring files to another SFTP location. Here's some basic information:

WinSCP version: 5.5.1
OS: Win Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1
Protocol: SFTP
Method: Automation - C# .NET webpage
Error: Timeout waiting for WinSCP to respond - WinSCP has not responded in time (response log file C:\Windows\TEMP\wscp0794.01F9362D.tmp was not created). This could indicate lack of write permissions to the log folder or problems starting WinSCP itself.
Other: The Web page is in its own application pool in IIS

Thus far I have only managed to make the application work if the credentials used to access the web page and the Identity that the application pool runs in are the same. If I set the Identity to 'ApplicationPoolIdentity' or a different user/ administrator account i get the error above.
I've noticed that when the credentials and the identity are different and the 'session.Open(sessionOptions)' method is called to start the WinSCP process, the process starts properly on the server (can be seen in task manager) but i think that since the web page has been called by a different user, the open process is not passed back to the web page. Is this a possible bug? or a way around this?

I have ruled out a problem when creating a temp file by setting the XmlLogPath and DebugLogPath to null. All the users i've tested with have access to the path anyways

Any ideas would be much appreciated