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Pete Boyd

OK, I see what you mean, thanks. I hadn't noticed the synchronized browsing toolbar button because the toolbar icons are too tiny and cramped together (usually in an app like this I would make them much much bigger, but I see now way to do that in WinSCP). I had been using the menu option Commands -> Synchronize Browsing.


Re: Synchronized Browsing on/off isn't clear enough

Why not? The respective toolbar button gets highlighted, when the function is on.
Pete Boyd

Synchronized Browsing on/off isn't clear enough

Hi. I would like to request a WinSCP interface improvement...
When selecting and deselecting Commands -> Synchronized Browsing in WinSCP 5.5.3, it is difficult to tell whether it is already on or off because either the means of using different icons to indicate the state, or the particular icons, doesn't make it clear enough.