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Re: synchronize files from remote to local

This is probably wrong:

[m:25b8d138de]get /WPTest2* F:\website_backups\WPTest2\*
/synchronize // "F:\website_backups\WPTest2" /WPTest2[/m:25b8d138de]

Should be something like:

synchronize both "F:\website_backups\WPTest2" /WPTest2


synchronize files from remote to local

Hi there,

using WinSCP 5.5.3,very happy with what this does.

I am using to backup website files to my local computer, I am trying to configure backups to synchronize changes if they are made on my local machine or the remote server, I am unsure how to configure this from the documentation.

I currently have this in a txt file which is then used via task scheduler to call upon on windows log on:

option batch on
option confirm off
cd backups
option transfer binary
get /WPTest2* F:\website_backups\WPTest2\*
/synchronize // "F:\website_backups\WPTest2" /WPTest2

is this correct?