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Re: IsSuccess = true - but no file uploaded

Please post a log file showing both upload using .NET assembly (Session.SessionLogPath) and GUI.

IsSuccess = true - but no file uploaded

Hi, I'm using the WinSCPnet.dll to upload some files to a list of hosts, using a C# application. After I call the PutFiles() method, I follow-up with a Check(), and at this point the IsSuccess flag is 'true', in the trnResult.Transfers I have the list of transfered files, with no Failures, but when I connect with WinSCP (GUI) I cannot find the files. I have double-checked the directories, just to make sure, and they're ok.

I'm using Windows Server 2003, with .net framework 4 installed.

NOTE: Even if I go in the installation directory of my app, and upload the files using the WinSCP.exe, it works - only when I try to do it programatically it fails.

Any ideas? :|

Thank you!