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Re: Copy file changed by custom command to remote

Thanks for your post.

This request is being tracked already:

Copy file changed by custom command to remote

I added a custom command for comparing files with WinMerge. It works beautifully, except for one thing: changes I make to the remote file from within WinMerge are not copied to the remote side when the file is saved from WinMerge.

It's a local command:
"C:\Program Files\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe" /x /u "!^!" "!"

Note that I'm able to use a local text editor to edit a selected remote file, and on saving the remote file from the local editor, it is then copied to the remote. This works perfectly (and is extremely useful, by the way). Is there a way to have this upload happen with custom (local) commands?