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Re: Guide to Inno Setup Compiler

Make sure you are using the Unicode version of Inno Setup.

Re: Guide to Inno Setup Compiler

I use the WinSCP-5.9.2-Source,and I want to build a WinSCP installer use inno setup.But wan i run isccwinscpsetup.iss ,it have a error: Type mismatch.error is in hear :WizardForm.ActiveControl := TWinControl(TControl(Sender).Tag);
all of code is :
procedure ImageClick(Sender: TObject);
WizardForm.ActiveControl := TWinControl(TControl(Sender).Tag);
can you help me.Think you!

Guide to Inno Setup Compiler

I want to pre-package an installer of WinSCP with the site pre-configured for SFTP and the key already setup. I know that you can do this using Inno Setup and it's supposed to be quite simple but I can't find any documentation on it. Is there a brief guide available that would help me accomplish this?

Thanks in advance