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Lock WinSCP

Hi, can I lock my WinSCP app?
For safety, most people know my PC's pass, but I want to lock WinSCP access, separately.

Well, this is a very specific use case. Will see if more people ask for this.
some ssh user

I can't change password for windows and some people know what it is. What's more, I don't want to show everyone that I have locked screen (provocative). I have just some private servers in WinSCP (and this is only thing which I need to lock).

I will be very thankful, when you add one of my suggestion.

Re: Lock WinSCP with global password

Thanks for your suggestion. Though what is wrong about locking your computer (Windows)?
some ssh user

Lock WinSCP with global password

I have global password, but when I type it - anyone can log in anywhere. So can you add ability to lock WinSCP when I'm going away? Or when I'm away for 5 (changable) minutes then require to retype password. Or require retype password for specific servers?

Best Regards,