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Re: Timezone Issue with Keep Remote Directory up to Date

With obsolete SCP protocol, there's no support for DST. Consider using SFTP.


Timezone Issue with Keep Remote Directory up to Date

I am based in Hong Kong (8 hours ahead of GMT with no daylight saving) but my hosted web server is based in the UK (GMT during winter and GMT+1 during summer).

When I connect to the server, I use a 7 hour "Timezone offset" in the "Server environment" options (as UK is currently on summer time so 7 hour difference).

When I use the "Keep Remote Directory up to Date" command, I find that WinSCP is uploading way too many files to the remote server after each change of a single file. I think the problem is because some files have a timestamp from when I last updated them during the winter and some have a more recent timestamp during this summer. The time difference on the winter files is 8 hours but on the summer files is 7 hours. WinSCP is not taking into account the different DST between winter and summer files -- it thinks that all winter files need updating. But after updating the time difference is still incorrect (still 8 hours instead of 7) so every save means these winter files are again and again and again with each save.

One option would be for me to simply "touch" all files on the server to they are all in summer time. Are there any other options to fix this issue or possible solutions would could be built into WinSCP?