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I'll reply to your email with the password and how I did the encoding.


Re: Issue with Keyboard-Interactive Authentication in CMD

It's difficult to help you without knowing what special characters your password includes and how did you encoded them.

Issue with Keyboard-Interactive Authentication in CMD


I receive a Keyboard-Interactive Authentication Failed error when trying to connect to an SFTP site.

WinSCP connects just fine using the GUI.

The password has multiple special characters and I tried every variation of "%XX" syntax for the password in the Command Line, with no success. I also attempted the same using a batch file with "%XX" and "%%XX" syntax, also to no avail.

Attached are the logs for the GUI and the Command Line.

While the issue would appear to be related to the special characters in the password, no variation of suggested solutions that I have found on the Wiki/FAQ or on various forums have been fruitful.

Thank you for your assistance! It's greatly appreciated!