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I'd like to see this too, as I regularly sort by change date to find the files changed most recently, and would much prefer the folders to be sorted at the bottom.

Re: local pane has File Folders sorted to the top

Yes, WinSCP always sorts directories to the top. This can be (optionally) changed, if more people ask for.

local pane has File Folders sorted to the top

Is there a way to prevent File Folders from being sorted to the top? They appear first, regardless of what field I sort on. This is very annoying... I have a file I replace every day, and I have to scroll down on the Local pane to get to the Files in order to drag it over from Remote .. otherwise it puts it in whatever File Folder I happen to land on.

I'm using WinSCP v 5.5.3 ... Commander mode with Local on the left, Remote on the right.