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It turned out to be a "\"
I really appreciate your help!!
Thanks for your reply.

Re: File download by using GET function

The target directory path has to end with backslash:
get examplefile.txt D:\WinSCPDownload\A\

The get examplefile.txt d:\WinSCPDownload\A means download file examplefile.txt to file A in directory d:\WinSCPDownload.


File download by using GET function

Hi, everyone,

I'm trying to download bunch of files from a SFTP server.
I found the following script in the webpage,"", and gave it a try.
My destination folder is assigned to D:\WinSCPDownload\A
The process failed with an error message of "D:\WinSCPDownload\A" is not a file.
however, it worked when the destination folder is D:\

I searched for some other examples, and showed that subfolders under D:\ also work out well.
I have no ideas why it just doesn't work out for me.
Am I missing anything?
Thanks for helping

option batch abort
option confirm off
open s
cd /home/user
option transfer binary
get examplefile.txt d:\WinSCPDownload\A