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Thx a lot, Martin.

Automated upload - keeping same session open - How?


Currently I have a working batch file which is calling /script.... each 30 seconds to put a file on the server.
So the winscp script is mainly:

open connection
put file

But this means that everytime a new connection has to be established, file is placed and connection is closed again. Isn't there a possibilty to open just at the very beginning the connection and then leave the session open and place files as often as I want on the same open connection? (like you would do, when working on the GUI or the console in non-interactive mode)
Would it work with Input redirection and if yes, how? (I know there is keepuptodate/synchronize, but this isn't quite the solution for my case as I need to place a file really every 30 seconds)

Thx for advice!