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Re: Global File Transfer Speed Limits

While I see the advantage of your improvement, knowing that only very few users makes use of speed limits (0.5%), I'm not sure if I want to invest my time into improving it further. Will see if more people ask for this.

Global File Transfer Speed Limits

First, sorry if this is already in the pipes; I searched but couldn't find anything related.

I'd like to request that WinSCP have a global speed limit mechanism.

Right now, I'm able to adjust the speed for each transfer in the queue individually, but I often add upwards of a dozen large files simultaneously, and would like to be able to limit GLOBAL transfer speed instead (or in addition). It's often not practical to touch each individual transfer to adjust its speed limit.

Furthermore, let's say that I have 10 pending transfers, each between 5-15GB, and I allow the queue to transfer four files concurrently. And, let's say I want to use a maximum of 4MB/s download bandwidth. I set each of the 10 transfers to a limit of 1024kbps. What happens when 8 of 10 files are completed, and I get to just two remaining transfers? WinSCP is only using 2MB/s bandwidth instead of taking advantage of the full 4MB/s pipe I want to give it, and the whole job takes longer than it needs to.

Thoughts? :wink: