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Re: Fixed

Thanks for your feedback!


Development version works perfectly, even tried other alternate characters in folder names and it read those as well.

Here are the other ones I tried to be thorough.


U+00C0 - D6
U+00D8 - F6
U+00F8 - FF

Re: Alternate chracter set usage

Thanks for your report.
There are actually two different issues that prevent you from using private key with Unicode characters in file name:

I have fixed both.
And I'm sending you an email with a development version of WinSCP for testing.

Alternate chracter set usage

I am unable to direct WinSCP to key files contained in folders with the character "ø" (U+00F8) in it's name. It immediately changes it to "o" (U+006F) and thus rendering the key file unreachable as that directory doesn't exist.

A work around would be to rename my folders but I would like to know if I can get WinSCP to read folders with alternate character sets.

WinSCP v5.5.4
Using Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
English + Bokmål (Norwegian) languages installed