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Re: Log Entry for Restarting

It's position. It should be happening only if you are losing connection all the time (what should be visible in the log too).

Log Entry for Restarting

In the session log for a download I'm in progress on, there are multiple entries like:

<timestamp> REST 1234567
<timestamp> 350 Restarting at 1234567. Send STORE or RETRIEVE

Each entry is a higher number than the entry before it. Is the number a byte-position in the file, or something like that, or is it more of a timestamp?

In other words, does the increasing number mean progress is being made on downloading the file, or does it just mean that "this entry is later than the prior entry"?

I can't tell if it's silently failed (no progress being made, but it's still trying) or if it's just getting interrupted a lot, but will eventually (probably) succeed.