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since the update to Version 5.6.1 small files are shown as empty / having 0kb

Getting current directory name.
Listing directory "*********/pi1".
Type: SSH_FXP_OPENDIR, Size: 74, Number: 19953419
Type: SSH_FXP_STATUS, Size: 24, Number: 19953156
Discarding reserved response
Type: SSH_FXP_HANDLE, Size: 13, Number: 19953419
Type: SSH_FXP_READDIR, Size: 13, Number: 19953676
Type: SSH_FXP_NAME, Size: 1839, Number: 19953676
Type: SSH_FXP_READDIR, Size: 13, Number: 19953932
Reading symlink "lib".
Type: SSH_FXP_READLINK, Size: 78, Number: 19954195
Type: SSH_FXP_STAT, Size: 78, Number: 19954449
Type: SSH_FXP_STATUS, Size: 28, Number: 19953932
Storing reserved response
Type: SSH_FXP_NAME, Size: 63, Number: 19954195
Link resolved to "*********/lib".
Type: SSH_FXP_ATTRS, Size: 37, Number: 19954449
Status code: 1
Type: SSH_FXP_CLOSE, Size: 13, Number: 19954692
lib;D;21;2013-09-03T14:42:56.000Z;"********" [2406];"********" [628];rwxrwxrwx;1
class.tx_qnipptracking_pi1.php;-;3869;2013-09-03T14:42:56.000Z;"********" [2406];"********" [628];rw-rw-r--;0
class.trackingapp.php;-;3751;2014-07-30T17:12:29.000Z;"********" [3036];"********" [628];rw-rw-r--;0
tpl;d;4096;2013-09-03T14:42:56.000Z;"********" [2406];"********" [628];rwxrwsr-x;0
main.php;-;74;2013-09-03T14:42:56.000Z;"********" [2406];"********" [628];rw-rw-r--;0
locallang.xml;-;562;2013-09-03T14:42:56.000Z;"********" [2406];"********" [628];rw-rw-r--;0
.svn;d;4096;2014-07-31T13:38:08.000Z;"********" [2406];"********" [628];rwxrwsr-x;2
class.tx_qnipptracking_addFieldsToFlexForm.php;-;745;2013-11-27T14:54:17.000Z;"********" [3036];"********" [628];rw-rw-r--;0
ce_wiz.gif;-;1116;2013-09-03T14:42:56.000Z;"********" [2406];"********" [628];rw-rw-r--;0
clear.gif;-;46;2013-09-03T14:42:56.000Z;"********" [2406];"********" [628];rw-rw-r--;0
class.tx_qnipptracking_pi1_wizicon.php;-;2855;2013-09-03T14:42:56.000Z;"********" [2406];"********" [628];rw-rw-r--;0

this listing shows:
clear.gif 0 KB
main.php 0 KB

System: Windows Home Server 2011 & Windows 7
Protocol: SFTP