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Re: winscp live reload functionality

No, WinSCP cannot do this.

Re: winscp live reload functionality

That is correct! You have some hack to what i'm looking to achieve?

Sorry answering only now but i hadn't registered; therefore not notified!
I will register now!


Re: winscp live reload functionality

Are you referring to F5 in web browsers, right?
So you want WinSCP to reload page in a web browser, after it updates file on the server?

winscp live reload functionality

WinSCP smokes balls!

I use it with NP++ and after saving, it automatically reloads the file on the server. I just need to hit F5 to see changes on website.

Is there a "live reload" like functionality for either the machine you're working at or 2 machines by specifying IP.

This would kill the need to hit F5 everytime across one or two machines with different screen sizes.

Let me know of a possible solution.

John Atanasoff