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Re: request for Bug #169

Very nice, just installed on my GS2 it looks great , very smtooh, pretty yet functional. Its in Beta but works better than some apps that left Beta long ago.

Re: request for Bug #169

AndreasDorner wrote:

Thank you!!! Great... -> donated as promised! ;-)

Thanks again for your donation.
Did you test the custom commands improvement?
I appreciate any feedback.

Re: request for Bug #169

5.6.2 (not released yet)
Uploading back files modified by local custom command. 169

Thank you!!! Great... -> donated as promised! ;-)

Andreas Dorner

martin wrote:

Registered your interest :)

request for Bug #169

i use winscp nearly the whole day or at least a few times a day... - and i like it very much! Thanks for that!

And also i need to compare files between remote and local file system. There i use the software "compare it" (grigsoft).

Unfortunately there is the bug #169 (or a new feature?), where it's not possible to save back the remote file...

Is there a possibility to raise the priority again (high => higher)?

I only want to describe my needs to the software... - and of course i would support by a donation!

thanks in advance and



(i use the latest version of winscp on win7-x64)