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Re: "note" or "comment" field in server configuration data

Hello prikryl ,

Thank you for this valuable information :wink:.

I'm quite a newbie using WinSCP and I'm very, very busy on a daily basis so I never have enough time to browse for new features in beta versions of WinSCP.
But few minutes ago I found option in:

Tools/Preferences/Updates/Options/ -> Check for beta versions (which was set to "Auto" in my config). I changed that to "On" so I hope WinSCP will now prompt for download new beta versions.
This is just one more good thing in WinSCP.

Best regards

"note" or "comment" field in server configuration data

Hi everyone,

I don't want to speak of how great WinSCP is because program does this once you start using it, so:

I think it would be nice if WinSCP could have a so called "note" or "comment" field within server configuration data.
I have my own reasons for this but I'm sure most users could find use for this information too.
For me this would mean that I would never have to install any other FTP client which is great I think.

I'd sure like to know what everybody thinks about this...

Saša Živković