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Re: Upload and download of multiple files terribly slow

Do you mean that when there are three parallel transfers ongoing, the total transfer speed of these three is lower than a transfer speed of single transfer?

Upload and download of multiple files terribly slow

I know, this has been discussed a lot, but fact is, the problem is still not fixed. I can upload / download with max speed if I download only a single file, but my speed will go down to 3 bytes(!) per second, as soon as I try up- or downloading multiple files.
I have tried this on three different servers now and on all three show the same behavior. I tried changing the number of simultaneous processed files, no change. I have tried SFTP and FTP with TLS and without, no luck.
I also found out, that speed loss is diretly linked to the amount of files processed. One file will show no loss at all, two will show a little loss, three some more and so on...
I love WinSCP but being forced to pack everything into a single zip, to be able to work with it, is becoming frustrating.

WinSCP 5.5.5
GUI, Commander interface

Windows7 x64