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Re: Resume as one of options

There is some misunderstanding :-)
BTW, what version of SFTP protocol does your server support? You can see it on status bar on bottom of main window.

Resume as one of options


I find the "resume" feature of winscp very useful, because my former favourite sftp client from openssh can't do it.

I just had some problems finding out that it works and how it works.I had a partially downloaded file in my local directory and wanted to resume downloading.

I had to use Copy command. I was a little afraid that it would somehow corrupt my partial file without asking. But I did it.

Then it asked whether to overwrite or append. I didn't want either.

Only on the support forums I found out that I need to press Append button and only then winscp will ask me if I want to resume or really append.

I suggest that Resume button is added directly in between the choices when applicable to avoid such confusion.