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That's correct, just that you can omit the leading *.* actually and use just |*.tmp.

You have also omitted the "equal sign", but I assume you actually use it, otherwise it cannot work.

The correct and simplest syntax is -filemask=|*.tmp.

I have Found it!!

-filemask *.*|*.tmp

This works!

Thank you once again

Thank you very much for your answer.

Is there a possibilty to exclude a file via its suffix with -filemask switch? This is not mentioned in the documentation.

For exaple: I have to download all files except those with *.tmp sufix.

-delete -filemask <> *.tmp (this does not work) - something like this ?

Exclude files from download via filemask


I am getting all files from a SFTP server with a script but I have te exclude a certain file type from download. For example *temp files.

Thanks a lot for your help