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Wow , your advice was absolutely correct !!!!

I'm amazed , but there we are , it now functions correctly

Many thanks for your help and quick response

Re: Zero Byte files using command interface, ok in GUI

It's indeed strange.
The only difference I could spot is that you are using /OUT in script, while /out in GUI. I cannot imagine how this could make a difference, but can you anyway try using /out in the script?

Zero Byte files using command interface, ok in GUI


Im using WINSCP v5.6.2 build 4756

When I try a 'get' or 'synchronise' using the script command interface I get zero byte files transfered.

If I use the GUI interface all transfers ok.

Im attaching a .rar file which comtains :

commandtest_CONCUR_DOWNLOAD_sFTP_20141107110037.log - script out put log
commandtest_WINSCP_DOWNLOAD_CONCUR_SFTP.txt - command options used to connect
guitest_Concur_sftp.log - normal log mode in gui
guitest_Concur_sftp_debug1.log - debug1 log mode in gui
guitest_Concur_sftp_debug2.log - debug2 log mode in gui

Can someone help me please ?

Many thanks