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I resolved this!! thanks

I was able to resolve the issue.
the problem was that the task scheduler doesn't like Mapped drives and the winscp.exe doesn't like UNC coding ...
what I did was to script the SFTP steps using and move the files to local directories before executing those steps... it causes some extra cleanup but it works now.

Thanks again

Re: File not found when processing in task scheduler on Windows

Does the file exist in Z:\ folder (the current working folder)?

File not found when processing in task scheduler on Windows

I have successfully used WinSCP to transfer files in batch files before
but now I am having difficulty with the job in the task scheduler.

I use the simple command:
call "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe" BoA /upload C_PM_*.DAT /defaults

BoA is a session configured to connect local folder to remote host (a bank specifically)

The file is in the local folder as C_PM_20141203102112.DAT

This step in my batch file never completes and only ends when forcibly stopped.

I attached a log of the session to this post.