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Oh, yes. Works like a charm :wink:
Now I just have to find a fixed-width font that is not ugly :lol:
Currently, I am using Courier New.
Anyway, browsing with a fixed-width font is so much easier.
You should tell people about this feature. I didn't see it in the change logs on the front page.

You are welcome. Does it work good?

I have waited a year and a half.
Thank you so much for implementing this.

:!: :!: :!:

Any chance to have this in 5.2?

Re: Fixed-width font for remote panel

Thanks for your suggestion. Will consider that.

Fixed-width font for remote panel

I really need to be able to change the font of the panels, at least for the file names.
Especially for the remote panel.
Currently I cannot find a setting for that. :(