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access denied to resolve it

wilko wrote:

okay, i just fixed the problem, i called the provider.

thanks for help :wink: did u resolve the access denied error..pls let me knw..i m getting the same error...pls reply

okay, i just fixed the problem, i called the provider.

thanks for help :wink:

no, nowhere is to read that i have to type a new password.

i typed in my username and password wich i used, and after that i get a new window open (in the file you can see), and there is to read:

authentification with password i typed in before, access denied!

and another field below where i have to type in a password again (keyboard interactive authentifcation)

i do not know whats up, and i need help. i must log in to my website, i have to work there :?

did you see my file ??

I do not know German. But I suppose that your saved password is no longer valid, so WinSCP asks you to type a new one. So it's not a second password, it's still the first.

a pic from my post above:

after i signed in with my id and password, i got i field where i have to type in another password. i never before had to do that....

ther is to read: "use keyboard-interactive authentification" :?

i do not know that password :cry:

Re: Forgot Password

You need to contact your server administrator.

Forgot Password


I am having trouble logging in to WINSCP. Im not sure if I just forgot the password or if I kept the password that was giving to me. Which was :
edhTImYu. Can you please help in either resetting my passoword so that I can get into the system.