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Well, it's your iPhone that reports the error, so I can only guess. You can double-check by using any other SFTP client.

The thing is I have 4GB free in my i phone...and the doc is only 1.5 GB so there is the problem.

Error code 4 at 497 mb

Well yesterday was the first time to download and use this winSCP(latest version) programm which i find extremelly useful, yet i have a serious problem and I've been trying to solve it without any success. I start the file transfer from my PC to my iphone 5s and its all good. But when the file is bigger than 0.5 GB then it always gives me this Error Code 4 general failure. I can't figure it out. It just stops at 497 MB and gives me this error. How can I solve this problem??? Thanks a lot!!!