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Re: certain files not uploading/transferring

Please elaborate on "I am unable to make changes". Any error message? What happens instead? Etc...

Or is it this problem?

certain files not uploading/transferring

I'm working on a project that has a two separate web applications (a client portal and an admin portal).

Winscp works when I make changes to files in the client portal through the directory listing below:


However, I am unable to make changes to the admin portal through a different directory listing:


In other words, one directory seems to have some permissions or caching problem or something with my account, while the other works perfectly fine. I've tried installing different FTP/SFTP's such as Filezilla, or Cyberduck (on a mac). I've even installed winscp on another pc. Since none of them have worked, I'm tempted to say that it has something to do with my permissions.

Any thoughts?