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Re: SFTP connection fails

If you do not understand the F.A.Q., I'm afraid you are not able to fix it yourself.

I'll try to explain it: When you login using SSH terminal client, something is probably printed on the screen, which starts with " 16:", maybe current time?

Such messages can be printed only when you connect using the terminal client. The messages cannot be printed when you connect using the SFTP client, because it violates the protocol and thus it confuses the client.

So you must configure the server properly. This is platform-dependent. So you should better ask someone who understand your system. Administrator?

Re: SFTP connection fails

Yes, i have this problem too. The FAQ answer isn't much help... what am I supposed to DO to fix it?


Re: SFTP connection fails

What about reading F.A.Q.? :-)

SFTP connection fails

When I try to connect to my webhost I receive the following message.

Received too large (540096058 B) SFTP packet. Max supported packet size is 102400 B.

The error is typically caused by message printed from startup script (like .profile). The message may start with " 16:".

I would normally just use scp instead but they disabled it for security reasons, (then they suggested I use ftp)

I'm using winscp368 freshly downloaded, any suggestions?

dmwahl at wisc dot edu