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Re: Don't understand new verion 5.5.6 (build 4746)

Thanks for sharing your solution.

My problem is solved.
It was caused by the install screen asking whether I wanted
the Norton version or the IE version. Since I use IE, I assumed
that was the correct thing to click. WRONG!!!
The Norton version must be clicked to get both panels.

Don't understand new verion 5.5.6 (build 4746)

Running windows 7 pro 32-bit.
I had no trouble with an older version. It showed my
programs on the left and your site on the right.
Now your site is the whole thing and I can't find out
how to get mine.
I would prefer to use an older version and not have it updated.
This new version is to complicated.

I am unable to update my programs to the vender.
I thank you for any help given.