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Sorry to bother, I've just come across "Option Batch Continue"... This seems to solve my problem.
I replicated the original problem a couple of times, and the error message was skipped automatically.
Which is exactly what I was after.

Thanks anyway.

KeepUpToDate Switch to 'skip all' errors if found.

This might be a long shot question.

I'm pointing the KeepUpToDate command to a folder within a network drive.
Work is being completed within this folder constantly and the paperwork / documents are being uploaded to the FTP as required.
The system works great.

However, I get an error every now and again.
It's when somebody creates a 'New Folder' and then renames it quickly.
WinSCP tries to upload the folder, but before the operation can be completed, the folder name is changed, so then WinSCP throws an error.

<invalid link to image removed by admin>

Choosing 'Skip All' (although probably not recommended) seems to prevent any further errors appearing.

Is there a command switch for this that I can use??