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Thank you it worked !

Thank you Martin, I replaced the special characters as advised and it worked.

Re: Can logon via GUI but not cmd line due to "@" on username

It's actually the slash, not the at sign. But it's better to URL-encode both.

Can logon via GUI but not cmd line due to "@" on username

I am trying to create a batch file to transfer files between my company and an external host. This batch file will run as a scheduled task on a Windows 2008 server.

My external contact has provided me with the details, which is similar to below

Password: abc123

Using the GUI, I can logon fine

However, If I try to logon from using this command
open s
I receive a prompt to add the username and password, which gives me an access denied message/

I am suspecting that this is because of the @ sign on the user name. If this is the case, could you please advise how I can push this through via a command line?