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Re: Pick the latest file

There's no simple trick to make you one-line command to do what you ask for. See the link in my previous answer for a solution.

Re: Pick the latest file

martin wrote:

I am using the below argument in SSIS which i want to be modified.

/console /command "option batch abort" "option confirm off" "open ABC" "get -filemask "*.txt >1d"" "exit"

This is working and picking the files but not the only file which is latest among those files existing but all the files.

Please help!

Pick the latest file


I have a SFTP where files will be posted on a periodical basis. We do not know when they will be placed there. I want only the latest files among the files existing in SFTP.

I am using WinSCP with the below argument and can anybody modify it for me so that it picks the latest file among those files in SFTP?