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Will definitely consider this.
Anyway, did you consider using "Hibernate" feature of Windows?

I was afraid you would say that.

You see, I regularly download lots of files, to various locations, on various machines.

So it helps me a lot (my memory is not so good) if I can look back and see what has already been downloaded, so that I know it is safe to delete from the server.

At the same time, I'm am trying to cut down on the electricity bill, so turning my machines off has become a priority.

Is this a possible feature for a future release?

Thanks :)

Re: Transfer Queue List not retaining data after restart

Well, yes, that's true. The queue is not preserved across runs.

Transfer Queue List not retaining data after restart

Hi there.

I have enabled "Display completed transfers in queue for: Forever", but the list gets cleared out if I restart the application.

How can I stop this from happening.

v5.5.6 (Build 4746) / Win8.1 x64

Thank you :)