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The command will vary with your specific needs. The basic syntax is like:
cp --no-preserve=all -r -f ! /target/path

I tried many times to apply "cp --no-preserve=all -r -f" command to multiple directories but I can't find the right sintax.
I'm very noob, somebody can explain me how to apply this command?
Thanks a lot.

The system hangs and says that it's impossible to preserve attributes.
With my string, everything is just fine.

Re: Duplicate Directories and Files

What "problems" are you having with the parameter "-r"?

Duplicate Directories and Files

Hi all,
I have to copy multiple directories and files from a EXT4 drive to a NTFS one. To do this, the standard function "duplicate" fails because there are problems with the parameter "-r".
The right command to use (tried in putty) is "cp --no-preserve=all -r -f". How can I applied it to multiple directories and files selected in the right panel, specifing the destination directory?

Thanks a lot.