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Re: File Transfer Help

The SFTP protocol does not allow direct server-to-server transfers. You have to download from server 1 to local machine and upload them to server 2.

For instruction to WinSCP scripting, see:

File Transfer Help


I have two FTP servers namely SampleFTP1(public FTP) and SampleFTP2 (private FTP)

Both are SFTP enabled. Lets take an example, I need to copy the text file from SampleFTP1 path C:/TestData/Test.txt and wanted to transfer to SampleFTP2 path /InputFile/Test.txt. Right now i am suing filezilla to do this as manual process. Is there any where i can automate this process by using batch script. Any example will be very helpful for me to proceed.

I have all the working credentials. unfortunately i cannot install any software for this. Can this winSCP used without installing it on the server? also any working sample please