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Great thanks. Just let me know if you need me to gather any other information or want me to try something.

Thanks for the log. Will try to improve this.

I am able to upload and download a file. Not able to rename or delete.

Re: Problem with deleting files

Is this only about delete? Can you do other operations with the file (rename, download, etc)? Can you post a log file for these too?

Problem with deleting files


I have a problem with WinSCP deleting files on a specific server. The files are in a directory and when I change to the directory and try to delete the file it fails. I noticed that even though I have changed the working directory the delete command is issued with the directory and file name. IE DELE /Outgoing/file.txt
If I use the Execute command window and issue a DELE file.txt, it works.

Is there a setting that I can change to make WinSCP not append the directory name?

Attached is a debug of the session were using the GUI I tried to delete the file, followed by using the execute command window.