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Re: overwritten files in synchronize, instead change names

WinSCP cannot do this for you. This is a way too specific request.
You can use synchronize -preview mode with enabled XML logging. Then process the XML log to find a files to be replaced and rename them. Only after that, execute the actual synchronization.

overwritten files in synchronize, instead change names

1. congratulations, app is great! :)

2. Now about my problem :)

I would like to create a script which will be not erase old files but change them names.
What I mean? Example

a) On HDD I have a file

b) script upload file to FTP

c) on HDD file.doc is change.

>> d) on FTP script change name from file.doc to file%date%.doc (or something like that)

e) than from HDD upload file.doc to FTP

Now, my script looks like this: /command "option batch continue" "open backup" "synchronize remote -criteria=time,size X:\path\ /directory" "close" "exit"

But script replace old files on FTP (delete old files, but it could just change names)

Is it possible to do something like this?