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Thanks for your answer.

Re: Lost all my sessions - Win crash

Unfortunately, WinSCP does not do any backup of the configuration.

Lost all my sessions - Win crash


I have lost all the stored sessions (75-80 sessions) from "WinSCP.ini" file, after I had to reboot the system, because Win 7 x64 has frozen. I am using WinSCP Version 5.1.5 (Build 3261). It wasn't updated, just installed this version directly.

In the moment when Win has freezed, I had WinSCP open (with an open session).
I have tried to search for the "WinSCP.ini" file on all my C: partition, but I have found only one in C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP5\ folder, which doesn't contains my sessions.

Is there a possibility to get the sessions back, let's say from a temporary named file stored in some other place, or something?
Any help would be useful.

Thanks and regards,