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Re: Development version for support FTPS certificate

@galina: WinSCP 5.8 beta with client certificate support has been released already.

Development version for support FTPS certificate

@martin: Could I please have also this version?

I have sent you an email with a development version for testing.

@vilasmenon: Well, it's High priority request. But we do not give any dates, sorry.
vilas menon

Any news by when will this be supported?
also any suggestions regarding the same with other client FTP s/w?

Re: Client certificate based authentication support by Winscp

This request is being tracked already:
vilas menon

Client certificate based authentication support by WinSCP

Hello Experts

We have a scenario here. We need to connect to one of our clients FTP server using FTPS.
Our FTP client needs to be capable of presenting a certificate for connection authentication.
In WinSCP client i am unable to find such configuration .i.e. i can not find an option to store any certificate which can be used to establish a connection.

Could you please guide us regarding this issue?

Thanks in advance
Vilas Menon