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Re: Encrypted FIle downloading

You cannot use ascii/text transfer mode for binary files.

Encrypted FIle downloading

Thanks for link.

and i am using transfer mode is ASCII mode.

in my encrypted file containing special characters and symbols i think some symbols and characters are not knowing.
Because some content of file is decrypted proper and for this encryption i am using 3DES.
please look into below decrypted file content.

"01:61:74:00 03/17/201Z!^��,; �2Y�_V� v��k�����q�5^/"

Encrypting FIle downloading


I am trying to download encrypted file from sarver to client.
but at the download time file is not getting in proper format i think som conttant has been changed.

so i need to down load same file in encrypted format.and i will dicrypt the same file so please help me.....

please help me......... :oops: