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Re: Synchronize only forders with files

As someone has said before, it would be nice to have this possibility in a future release.

Thank you, Martin, for this amazing software.

Re: Synchronize only forders with files

Thanks for your post.

This request is being tracked already:

Synchronize only forders with files

I am using the .net assembly to make a Local synchronization from a remote SFTP server. Also using a file mask to synchronize just the wanted files.
The code works perfectly, but it also creates in local the same folder structure than exists in remote, even when not files to copy in that local folders, so after that, I have to check all the folders to delete the ones which are empty.

The question is, does exist an option to say the synchro process to create just the folders that are going to contain files?

Versión 5.2.1
Windows XP
WinSCP .NET Assembly
Protocol: SFT

Thank you.